Hello! My name is Monica. My goal is to assist those in need of creative direction, website development, search engine optimization, and social media coordinating. 

I spent a few years in the mountains of North Carolina, where I got my degree in Marketing and my minor in

Art & Design.

Design and aesthetics have been a passion of mine from a young age so I decided to turn my passion into a career. I channel creative expression into helping people improve their online media presence in order to initiate a successful marketing plan. 

I chose to name my business after the aesthetic of minimalism itself. Today, marketing and commercialism seems to be too cluttered and complex to be able to understand the baseline meaning for the products or services being advertised. When things get too complex or cluttered, the message tends to get lost. 

My goal is to be able to help my clients to create a clear image and message for their business strategy and to increase exposure and success. 

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